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Practice visit

Practice visit

Use the Quin app to schedule a physical appointment with your family doctor. Open the app and click on "Contact GP. Go through the symptom checker first and then you can schedule a physical consultation. The results of the symptom checker are shared with the GP before your appointment, so he or she can properly prepare for your conversation. Download the Quin app to take advantage of this.

Would you rather not schedule an appointment through the Quin app? You can also schedule an appointment through the assistant. View contact information here.

Do you want to cancel your appointment? Please do so at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, we will unfortunately be forced to charge you. This amount falls outside your health insurance because it is a missed consultation, and you therefore pay it yourself.

self-chosen general practitioner

Digital appointment with a GP of your choice

To speak to a doctor online about your health complaint, you first go through the symptom checker in the Quin-app and then, depending on your complaint, various options are offered to schedule a video consultation.

One of the possibilities is to agree on a fixed time and choose which GP you will see. At the appointed time, both the doctor and you open the video consultation. A video consultation saves travelling time. Download the Quin app to make use of this option.

Would you rather not make an appointment via the Quin-app? You can also use the assistant to schedule an appointment for a video consultation with your own GP. View the contact information here.

a general practitioner

Digital appointment with a GP

After you do the symptom checker, choose the option to video call a family doctor. Specify the time period during which you are available and receive an app notification when the GP is ready in that hour. That saves travel time again.


Ask questions via chat

Do you have a practical or less urgent medical question? Instead of sending an e-mail, you can now easily ask the practice via 'Ask a question'. You can also share photos of your visible complaint. You will always receive a response within two working days. Usually faster. Download the Quin-app to make use of this.

Getting started with the Quin app

Download the app to get started with these digital features. Do you need help with installing and logging into the Quin app? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions or contact us via the Quin Support center.