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Care offer

Physical and digital GP care

Huisartsenpraktijk Westertoren offers a strong combination of digital and face-to-face healthcare. The digital tools we use are in place to decrease your GP’s workload, leaving them more time to care for you. Of course, our digital tools are no replacement for the personal, human healthcare your GP provides. We believe in digital care where possible and physical care where necessary.

When do you use the Quin app?

For urgent complaints, always call the emergency line. Use the app whenever you have non-urgent complaints. Using the symptom checker, you can quickly find out whether or not you need to visit the GP. You can also read medical articles in the app, retrieve information from your GP and keep track of your appointments. Because you map out your own health in the app, you know exactly where you stand. What is more, you and your doctor will always be well prepared for your consultation thanks to the information in the app. That way you can be sure to find the healthcare that suits you best.


Digital carePhysical care

Physical care

Physical care

Regular healthcare
At huisartsenpraktijk Westertoren, we offer good and personal GP care. You are the focus and together we look at what healthcare and treatment suits you best. 

Psychosocial care
We all know periods of adversity. You may be struggling with problems at work or in your relationship. Or you may have to deal with drastic events that you cannot handle yourself. Or you may be faced with educational problems or perceived psychological problems in children, such as a divorce or bereavement. For all these issues, you can go to the practice for accessible psychological and social care. This is offered by our psychologists and social psychiatric nurses (POH-GGZ).

physical care

Chronic care
Do you have a chronic disorder, such as diabetes, asthma or COPD? Or do you run an increased risk of cardiovascular disease? We pay extra attention to these patients. Practice support staff of the GP Westertoren provide continuous care to treat your condition as well as possible. This is important, because only through this monitoring can we discover whether you are getting the most appropriate treatment. It is also possible to have a heart scan (ECG) made at the Westertoren practice.

Minor procedures
For minor surgery, such as the removal of a mole, additional time is allocated. Appointments are made if this has been decided during the doctor's consultation.

The following procedures are carried out at GP Westertoren Amsterdam:

- Placement of a spiral

- Treatment of ingrown toenail (unguis incarnatus)

- Treatment of warts

- Removal of birthmarks (naevus)

- Removal of fatty lumps (lipomas)

- Removal of blocked sebaceous glands (atheroma cysts)

- Removal of skin protrusion (fibroid)

If tissue is removed, it will be investigated in the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis (OLVG) in Amsterdam. The result is normally available within 14 days. Afterwards a check-up appointment with the doctor will be made and your stitches will be removed.